Spring is Here!

Spring is here!  That means the snow is melting and its time to do a little digging. Ok, this is one of my favorite specimens. I cant seem to get enough of it. It has been sitting on my desk for about 3 months. So it is time I blog about it. Awesome luster, this rock is full of auriferous slate, possibly some auriferous pyrite, visible gold, possibly a touch of silver, and a beautiful mixture of quartz throughout. I have a few pieces like this but this one is quite solid and would be a great stone to use for making jewelry.  I have cleaned up much of the red dirt. This specimen is just a cool rock. I think I look it over every day. So Im hoping you enjoy it as well.

Mother Load Gold-bearing QuartzMother Load Gold-bearing QuartzMother Load Gold-bearing QuartzMother Load Gold-bearing Quartz


Gold-Bearing Quartz

Mother Load Gold Bearing Quartz OreWell it has been a couple weeks since my last post. I have been rather busy at work, baseball, motorcycles, etc.  So the specimen I am showing today is more of the common looking white quartz found in Mother Load district. This one is about the full size of my palm and is about 2″ thick.  If you notice in first picture there really is no visible gold. But you can see that there is quite a bit of yellowish color. If you look closely that yellowish color seems to get a little darker near the cracks that spider throughout the rock. The reason is one, Yes that a sign of the quartz being rich and two, often you will get visible gold if you expose these cracks.  As you can see the side view in the second picture shows visible gold. This particular ore specimen would be a great candidate for breaking open. Inside you would Mother Load Rich Gold-Bearing Quartzlikely find many surfaces with visible gold. The black you see is a little bit of shale. At this particular site there seems to be a lot of slate which in itself has proven to be quite rich in gold. The quartz veins in the Mother Load district are part of whats been called the “auriferous slate belt”.  You can read more about that here.  I have some specimens that are almost all auriferous slate. I plan to show those soon.  I will be making this specimen available for purchase as well as others like it where the new owner can choose to keep them whole or smash it and see what is inside.

Gold Ore is not Gold Nuggets

One thing I need to explain about Ore like this is pictures may be slightly deceiving. I love my finds but I don’t want anyone to be misled or think I am trying to overstate, or over sell my items. Contrary I want to learn, and help others with as much information as possible. First of all as you see me post pictures you might see some that almost look like solid gold nuggets. Well, They are far from that. If that was the case I would be paying others to do all this blogging about rocks and have quit my day job by now. Gold Ore is basically gold as a mineral mixed with other sediment and minerals. In order to turn that gold ore into gold you need to process that ore. There are a few different ways to process that and neither interest me at this time. I will post links eventually on these processes. But for now I just want to be sure you know that although the pictures are often very brilliant the flash brings that out to its fullest. Often I find that the flash reveals the gold in the ore. Mother Load Ore  Rich gold-bearing quartzNow that is not to say there is not visible gold. There is, but that does not necessarily make the specimen rich. Now much of the visible gold from quartz looks as thin as paint. Not really even recoverable by chipping it off. But again, rich old-bearing quartz may have no visible gold but when processed makes great returns. Now most of what I try to present or even sell will have visible gold or rich enough to enjoy some sort of brilliance.  I get excited when I crack open a rock and find it glittering in the sun or by the flash of the camara.  I smash a lot of rock and quartz then carry it out of the mountains on my back to get what I show and will eventually sell.  Where are the gold Nuggets? There aren’t any.  That’s not to say you may be the luckiest person on earth and smash one of my rocks just to find a gold nugget in the middle of the quartz. I suppose it is possible. After all that’s why I smash them in the first place. But realistically that is not what you find in quartz. But I hope you will enjoy my finds as much as me.

Start Here!

I don’t know really where to start so I will just jump right in. This first specimen I will show is a very rich gold-bearing piece of quartz. I like this rock. It is just loaded with visible gold and some sort of silver ore. Looks to me like it might be some Specularite and possible some Pyrrhotite   As shown in the first picture gold is visible throughout this specimen.  The second picture you can see the silver ore so heavy on one side it kind of resembles a lump of solder. For me this particular piece crying to be split. Noting several cracks in the quartz. Some have visible gold as well as the familiar reddish hue outlining the crack. This often means more Mother Load Ore gold-bearing quartzvisible gold will be found inside. The rock faces you see in my pictures are just that, they are cracks and breaks from a pick and a hammer. The brilliance inside this rock could be just as brilliant as you see on this rock and that is what brought me to this rock.  This particular find came from a spot I visit about 8 miles east of Placerville California. I personally dig this from a quartz vein and pack it out of the mountains.  I Mother Load Ore rich gold-bearing quartzhave many small chips and as well as large specimens available from this particular extract. Soon I will be posting specimens available for purchase at Amazon and link them here. I have a lot of very cool pieces and will be letting much of it go relatively cheap.


Hello, I am just getting started on this site.  So if you happen here and see this post please come back and check us out in the future. For now I will try and be brief. My wife and I live just outside of Placerville California. Both of us very busy with work and kids but as a hobby we search for gold in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Although we have never hit the “Mother Load” we do enjoy working a few secret spots within the Mother Load Quartz vein system that runs throughout this area. When researching specimens found it was difficult to find very much information on the internet. So that gave me the idea to discuss, post, and even sell our findings. I have a lot of great specimens to show off. All pictures on this site will be of our rocks.